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My love is teaching and writing.  For many professionals, a portfolio is an introduction to managers and leaders who have an interest in the abilities and skills of a professional candidate in academics or business.  Whether in the academic environment or the world of business, background and accomplishments are important elements in understanding ideas, ideology, and the person’s world view .  In my case, it is the belief that experience is the best teacher, and many life experiences are indicative of my commitment to life-long learning that has been forged by my inquisitive, insatiable desire to learn and to do – life and learning in my mind are eternal.  This website is my portfolio of a life of experience and education put into written form or into a media project for those who may have an interest.

Subjects Taught

Keynote Speaker - Sanford Brown Commencement 2013

Success and Failure are Temporary

Paul Davis says, “Failure is not permanent unless you quit trying”.

Audio and Video

Check out my videos page.  Some are of my teaching and some are those that I have made of things that interest me.  I use Cyberlink Power Director 12 for video projects and I prefer NHC software (Mix Pad, Wave Pad, Record Pad, and Zulu) for audio projects.

Favorite Links


Sample of Student Success Class   

Here is the first class presentation introducing Strategies for Success

Curriculum Vitae

View my Curriculum Vitae / Resume.  For consulting or teaching opportunities, call me at (407) 285-6644

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