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I have put a few of the death certificates and records on this page that might have interesting facts.  I declined from including a birth certificate records page because these often include personal data such as social security numbers that should be kept private.  Also included here are clippings of obituary records that share information about the decesased, gravesite records, and gravesite links of family interest.
Benjamin Patterson (1759 - 1830), son of Samuel Patterson and Mary Ann Boone, cousin to Daniel Boone.  He fought in the American Revolution, and was an indian fighter like his cousin Daniel.  His daughter Hannah Bonham Patterson was the wife of Hartwell Davis's 3rd great uncle Thomas Wheat of Prince George County, Maryland.
Martha Fletcher (1791 - 1854), 3rd great grandmother, was the wife of Josiah Wheat and the daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Captain William Fletcher III of Madison County, Alabama.  Captain Fletcher served 3 year in North Carolina during the revolution and is listed in the DAR records for North Carolina where he received a 1000 acre land grant in Davidson County, TN.  Martha was born in North Carolina, but died and was buried in Tyler, Texas.
Josiah Wheat (1779 - 1850) (3rd Great Grandfather), wife of Martha Fletcher, descendent from Moses Wheat of Concord (8th Great Grandfather of Hartwell Davis) came to Texas in 1835 and donated the land that became the city of Woodville, TX.  He was the first physician of record for the area of Tyler, Texas.  The 1835 letter written by his grandson, L.M. Wheat, tells of the migration from Alabama and the later incidents of John (son of Josiah) and his fight in the Texas Revolution.
Brice M. Wheat (1816 - 1894), 2nd great grandfather, a corporal in the War with Mexico.
John Leonidas (Lonnie) Amerine (1962 - 1894), great grandfather and father of Ella Amerine, was buried at Midway (Bell County) Texas.
Richard Leonidas (Lonnie) Amerine (1887 - 1960) is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetary in Moscow (Polk County), TX
Mary Suzanna (Nowlin) Peck (1850 - 1917), 2nd cousin 3 x removed, is the daughter of Bryan Ward Nowlin V and Mary Proctor Cummings.  Bryan Ward was born in Bedford County, Tenn., 4 July, 1815, embraced Mormonism and was baptised by Elder James W. Cummings, who was presiding as a Mormon Missionary at that time in Pontituke, Miss., October, 1844.  Read more of Bryan Ward in the Stories page.
Thurman Mageors (1913 - 1925) was only 12 when he died of Encephilites.  The death certificate shows his father, Samuel M. Mageors born in Illinois (Lincoln)
Sarah Moody (1873 - 1945) grandmother of Hartwell Davis, married to Samuel Morgan Mageors, was born to William Moody in Murfreesboro, (Rutherford) Tennessee.  According to her death certificate, she "Native White" and listed in Ancestry as "Native American". She is buried in the Methodist Cemetary (Harris County) Texas.  See her story and newspaper clipping in the stories page.
James Caroll Mageors (1879 - 1960) rode with the Rough Riders of Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish American War.  James Caroll was a blacksmith in the Army.  He was kicked by a horse and injured in the leg which never healed properly.  He drew a medical pension upon his discharge November 14, 1898.  It began at $10 per month and was increased to $125 at the time of his death. After the patients' discharge from the Spanish American war, he assumed his trade of blacksmith and was self-employed for several years.  He worked in Mooreville, TX in 1900; in Bonham TX in 1905 and 1906, then in Wallace, TX for several years - later in Denison, TX with B.W. Franklin.  In 1925 to 1929 he worked with Fordson Brothers, Rice, tX.  He 1929 he became crippled with arthritis. Click on the picture link to view his death certificate.

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