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This Genealogy site is dedicated to the memories of a family tree of Americans who were among the earliest European settlers, landing in both the northern and southern colonies, who fought in the American Revolution and every war in the history of the United States.  These proud pioneers include statesmen, politicians, soldiers, farmers, industrialist, and religious leaders from every background.  While the database includes over 13,000 names, not all will be included except in the books produced.  The short list of names does not represent all of the family tree, but only some of the major names in the tree.  Others will be linked on other pages.  The notations of relationship are to the author of this site, Hartwell Davis.
On the following pages, you will find only a partial history of the Amerine, Davis, Mageors, and Wheat families who were among the earliest settlers in the colonies. I was once told by a friend, "My family came over on the Mayflower". My response was, "Yes and my family was here to meet them".  Like many early families there was intermarriage with the Native American Indians who already lived in this great country.  Rachel Garner was said to be mostly Cherokee, but it is difficult to trace many of these connections. Grandmother Sarah Moody is listed as "Native American" on her death certificate signed by Dr. Frank Robbins.  Also in the family tree are those of Jewish heritage, but because of war and persecution, many of these families leave few records for many have been purged from history.   Please send your comments for corrections, information, or additions to  The books below are included in the Research / Books page.  Enjoy the stories, many which are from links on the internet, and some from other sources.  Eventually, the Forum page will allow you to connect to other family members, and the Links page are shared internet sites of interest.
About The Author
Hartwell Taylor (Paul) Davis is an author, pastor, professor of English / Psychology / and Business, who has for the past 10 years worked on gathering family information for his genealogy records.  With an interest in history, especially family history, Hartwell Davis has over 16,000 names in his Legacy family tree database.  He tends to be redundant using both Legacy and Family Historian software, both of which he highly recommends.  He is also has taught computer applications at the college level, and has a web design consulting business that can be viewed at  His professional pastoral background, including many of his writings and upcoming books can be viewed at  Mr. Davis has a Masters in Ministry from Trinity Seminary, a Masters in Management & Leadership from Liberty University, and a post-graduate Educational Specialist degree in teaching and curriculum, also from Liberty University.  His doctoral work is in Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Management from Regent University, and he has additional graduate studies and minors in English, Psychology, Business Management, and Religious Education.  He was born in Baytown, Texas and now lives with his wife (of Jewish descent) in Oviedo, Florida.
Hartwell Taylor Davis, Ed.S., MA, M.Min
Oviedo, FL  32765
(407) 285-6644
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