In a graduate college career, journals and essays are routine assignments.  I have majored in business, education, religion, and counseling each with its share of written assignments.  All may not be of interest to anyone but the instructor, but I have attempted to challenge my eventual readers to consider a point of view that may be controversial or that hopefully is substantive.  My journals, writings, or power point presentations are shared for your perusal.



Published or Delivered

Accommodating EBD: Do Assessment Accommodations Reflect Low Expectations for Students with EBD?

Does accommodating EBD remediate its long-term effects?  Are assessment accommodations in school doing more harm than good by reinforcing lower expectations that effect a student’s achievement?

ERIC: ED510080 (January 2010)

The Called, Chosen, and Faithful Leader

Leaders are made, not born.  While there may be differing views on what makes a leader, there appears to be consensus in all schools of leadership about one fact of leadership: Leadership is about relationship.  Leadership does not exist without someone to lead and someone to follow.

ERIC: ED506263 (June 2010)

Restoring the Five Fold Ministry

Is the single pastor concept of the modern church destroying the Five-Fold ministry of Ephesians 11?  The Biblical and historical record supports a ministry of collegial elders, each with different gifts, who jointly have authority and oversight of the church.

Llumina Press (2004)

Self-Directed Learning: The Explorer Personality

Is learning culturally bound..

Explorer Personality

February, 2014

A Paradigm Shift to Collegial Eldership: Accountability and Ethical Responsibility

What is “Founder’s Syndrome” and its effect on pastoral ministry?  The Power Point Presentation provides a discussion and gives guidance to creating accountability in the church.

Paradigm Shift

September, 2013

Cheating on College Campuses and Implications for Workforce Placement

Research indicates business majors are more likely to cheat while in college than those of other majors.  What is the implication for the world of business and placement of business students in the workforce?


November, 2013

Human Potential: Self-Efficacy, Collective-Efficacy, and God-Efficacy

Bandura (1997) observes, “People guide their lives by their beliefs of personal efficacy.  Perceived self-efficacy refers to beliefs in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainment” (p. 3).  This definition suggests the possibility that such beliefs can be self-limiting.  The reality is that most people understand the need for help in many aspects of life and are not totally independent. This gives rise to other realms of efficacious behavior: collective efficacy, team efficacy, and organizational efficacy.  

Human Potential

April, 2014

Training & Development: Enhancing the Employer Brand in a Turbulent Economy

Social contracts are beginning to fail, but this should be seen as an opportunity for the next best thing - training and career development.  In a turbulent economy, training is at the top of the list for benefits that enhance an organization’s employer brand.

Enhancing the Employer Brand

September 1, 2013

Discipleship Methods: Commitment and Loyalty as First Principles of Leadership Development

The making of a leader begins with the choice of a leader, and leadership is about relationship. Effectiveness in leadership must be measured in terms of the quality of the relationship. What are the unique characteristics of the discipleship methods used by Jesus Christ in establishing a worldwide organization – the church? Jesus’s leadership development focused on commitment and loyalty rather than scholarship as minimum requirements for leadership. Lack of commitment is now a social illness that has implication for how relationships and thus leadership develops.

Discipleship Methods: Commitment and Loyalty

February, 2013

Power Structure in the Configuration of Servant Leadership

The concept of servant leadership as a characteristic of leadership is unique in that it is culturally oxy moronic.  The power of the servant leader is amplified by its very nature of standing out in contrast to how humans typically view power – and this contrast engages the human heart into becoming willing followers in a relationship with that special meaning of “being different from all the rest”.

Power Structure

April, 2013

Prophetic Leadership: Restoration Leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous World.

The perfect leader would be a super-hero capable of leading an organization into the future in a world that touts the need for adaptability, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability to meet the need of changing times?  What if changing times means volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous?  Prophetic leaders are in demand because they see the future and must act as revivalist and restorers of those things we do not want to lose because of changing times.

Prophetic Leadership

April, 2013

Global Organizational Development: Cultural Awareness

The value of cultural diversity is the protection it gives preventing all of humanity from being enslaved by mediocrity as well as by oligarchical collectivism – H T Paul Davis / Power Point

Global OD & Culture

February, 2014

Favorite Topics

People are fascinating and my favorite subjects are about people: psychology, religion, education, adult learning, organizational theory, history, sociology, and by all means a study of culture.  My doctoral work is in organizational leadership with an emphasis on human resource development.  My background includes working for a law firm, being a juvenile probation officer, caseworker, family therapist, educator, drug counselor and pastor.  Somewhere in my writings you may find out why.

Favorite Quotation

“A man persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still.”  

(By Rev. E.L. Holley, President of Texas Bible College and Texas District Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Churches International.)