My wife Diane and I live in Florida.  She has 30 years as a self-employed tax professional, but is retired from Volusia County, FL and from Johns Manville Corporation.

Personal Profile

I graduated from Liberty University of Lynchburg, VA with a MA in Management and Leadership (2011, GPA 3.71), and an Ed.S. Educational Specialist degree in Teaching & Learning (2010, GPA 3.90, graduated with distinction). I am currently enrolled in the M.Ed. program at Liberty University for teaching English. In addition, I have a Masters of Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary (4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude) and have graduate level work in counseling from both Liberty University and Columbia International Seminary.  My undergraduate degree is in religious education.  I have completed 20 hours of a Ph.D. In Organizational Leadership / Human Resources with Regent University (3.8 GPA) and have placed this on hold until I complete my English degree.


Over the years I have accumulated numerous CEU and certificates.  I have a Microsoft Office Certification and have taught computer applications with Sanford Brown and with Clarion Career Center.  I own Accord Consulting & Training and have for 20 years taught and supported accounting and office applications (Peachtree, Quickbooks, MS Office, Access) with personal clients.  I have a Director of Training Certification from Langevin Learning Services in Ontario, Canada.  In the field of drug and alcohol and criminal justice, I trained for two years with Western Psychiatric Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, and have over 230 required classes for D/A certification with institutions such as Johnston’s Institute, Hazelton Institute, Texas Tech University, University of Texas and other schools or agencies.  I also completed the Juvenile Probation Training Academy at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX.

Experience Overview

I have crossed vocational lines between business and social services, but often have blended the two.  I am currently on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization and have been the business manager for several drug and alcohol treatment programs as well as organizations that have provided counseling and youth services.  In the world of business I have worked for public accounting firms, been in purchasing for major corporations (GE, APW, Brown & Root, Aalborg Industries), a North American account manager for an electronics manufacturer, and a Director of Training.  I have also been a juvenile probation officer (Texas), a caseworker and family therapist (PA), a Learning Center Supervisor in Juvenile Corrections (VA), and a pastor and evangelist.  I have twice been a school principle for Christian schools, and for several years have taught at the college level.


Strong inter-personal, communication, and leadership skills.  Over 30 years in public speaking and teaching.  I have been a guest lecturer for the psychology department of Cornell University and English department for Northern Virginia Community College. Samples of writing and journals are on this website for your consideration.  I have strong computer skills in MS office products, Access database, accounting software, desktop publishing and media.  I am also a disc jockey and have worked in the radio industry for a number of years including WWON radio in Woonsocket, RI, WREL / WVLI in Lexington.  Currently I do a Sunday morning gospel music program on WBZW 1520 AM in Apopka, FL. or


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